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  • Proper planning and a good foundation are key to your company’s ability to reduce costs and to scale for growth. MrFixed will help you design your projects from the ground up!
  • Knowing how to build IT is just as important as knowing what to build. MrFixed will manage and implement your solutions through the entire process.
  • MrFixed supports your projects and infrastructure. We know Macs, PC’s, Linux, websites, networking, servers, software, Exchange, mobile phones, VPN’s, cables and more.

Our Services

We offer a full range of IT services for clients of all sizes!

Site Surveys

If you’re not sure what your current technical situation is, we would love to examine what you currently have set up! When we first start working with a business, evaluating their existing technology is an important first step for seeing how we can maintain or improve the systems that are already in place. Our site surveys are in-depth and comprehensive, examining everything from individual users’ machines to the internet connection for the office.

Remote Support

With the technology available today, a large number of tech requests can be handled remotely without our team needing to be physically present at a client’s office. Whether it’s a quick question about software capability or a request to create new email accounts, we are always available to handle those issues right away through remote support. We can even access our clients’ computers through the internet to solve many problems without leaving our office.

General Support

By catering to clients in the NY metro area, we can provide stellar onsite support when our clients need our assistance. We are available to fix users’ computers, troubleshoot connection issues, and provide answers to any other lingering technical issues that can’t be solved remotely.

Network & Server Support

Keeping your company’s infrastructure running is an area where we excel. From setting up server backups to configuring routers to deploying settings and policies to every user in your organization, we are experts at creating and maintaining systems that make up the foundation of your business’s technology.

Site Monitoring

Businesses in the modern age all require a reliable internet connection. Without internet, a business can lose access to email, web applications, and even phones. We monitor the internet connection for our clients so that if their connection to their ISP goes down or if their website goes down, we can be notified immediately and take the appropriate steps to get them back up and running as soon as possible with a minimum amount of downtime for the client.


Sometimes, additional software or applications are necessary to take your business to the next level. Our expert programmers can help make your business more efficient by developing programs that directly meet your company’s needs and goals.

Web Hosting

MrFixed also offers web hosting and website monitoring. We will handle making sure that your website is always accessible to your target audience. Additionally, if a site that we host goes down for any reason, we are notified immediately so that we can rectify the situation and make sure that the website is back up in a timely manner.


Our dataVault plan helps our clients create and store additional backups of their important company data in an outside location. Once a month, our techs will drop off a hard drive to back up data from the server, and they will take the previous drive to a secure offsite location where it will be stored until the next month unless it is needed.


Often times, you won’t notice the ethernet or phone jacks in a room until you need to plug something in. If you’re moving to a new space or just need to add more ports to your existing office, we can help make sure that wherever you need a connection, a port will be available. We can run cables with our own materials or materials that you purchase, giving you convenient access to your network wherever you need it.


See what our clients are saying about us!

“When you dont have to worry about technical computer issues you know that you have the right IT support. MrFixed is our IT support and we highly recommend them to our clients and friends.”

Michael G, Goldfine CPA
“My laptop died, it wouldn’t take a charge. I first brought it to a local neighborhood guy and he wanted to charge me $200 and take a week to fix it. Mr. Fixed was so awesome. They immediately identified the problem, told me it wasn’t worth fixing and saved all of my data to an external drive for a very reasonable price. Angel and Megan were wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable in every way. I recommend them highly. I will go back to them whenever I have computer issues in the future.”

Chris G, Brooklyn
“We’re a small business with a staff that knows just enough about IT to be a complete pain to any solution provider. We work crazy hours, never take holidays, and travel to 3rd world destinations with shonky communications.

MrFixed takes this all in stride. They research and recommend cost effective solutions and products. They connect us with their suppliers which gives us access to pricing and services normally offered only to much bigger businesses. They respond immediately to emergencies – even coming out in the middle of the night to fix mysterious ailments. And always with humor and patience!

Their pricing plans/options are easy to understand and extremely competitive. Their back office and accounting is organized and responsive.

Put your IT in MrFixed’s care – you’ll never look back!”

Alexandra B, Word Above the Street

Our Rates

Honest, Straightforward Pricing

At MrFixed, we believe in being up front about our pricing rates and plans. Check out our helpful chart below!

Monthly Fee $99 $750 $1,950 N/A
Site Survey FREE** FREE** FREE** $350.00
Remote Support $65.00 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED $95.00
General Support $110.00 2 FREE 6 FREE $175.00
Network & Server Support $140.00 $130.00 $120.00 $195.00
After Hours + $60.00 $55.00 $50.00 $90.00
Site Monitoring 1 FREE 2 FREE 3 FREE $60.00

Remote Support provided for computer troubleshooting, accounts, and mailbox administration via phone, SMS, IM and/or remote desktop in 30 minute increments.

General, Network, and Server Support provided remotely or onsite in hourly increments.

+ Standard rates apply Mon-Fri 8am-8pm not including holidays. After Hours/Emergency rates shall be added at all other times.

* $399/month for 5 additional users (includes 1 additional General Support session).

** Network Diagnosis and review: included and conducted at the beginning of any plan.

*** dataVault: At each scheduled pickup (1 per month minimum), MrFixed agent shall return previous customer dataVault package in exchange for new dataVault package. dataVault package will be verified safe and sealed.

Prices reflect automatic discount for payments by cash, ACH, and check. For credit card rates Click here.

Got questions about our rates?

We’d be happy to answer them! Just fill out our contact form or call us anytime!

The Team

Check out our team!

Our amazing staff is always available to help our clients. Unlike many outsourced IT options, when you work with MrFixed, you’ll get to know our whole team and be able to contact us directly. No more nameless support techs on the other end of the phone!

Read our bios and learn a little more about the awesome people working at MrFixed!


Truc Nguyen

Truc is head of Business Development at MrFixed. With a background in Business and Marketing, Truc has managed an array of teams within large corporations to small businesses including non-profits in NYC. She has helped businesses develop sales models, strategize product launches and refine company processes and culture.

As a previous client of MrFixed, Truc truly believed in their work ethics and genuine communication that she would then later join their team. Truc has a knack for getting to the root of a client’s pain points and offers creative solutions that benefit multiple obstacles at the same time.

After work, Truc could be found in the park doing AcroYoga or dancing Zouk and Salsa. She loves traveling and believes that strangers are just friends you haven’t flown yet.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.08.37 PM


Alex is the head of finance and accounts at MrFixed. One of very few people in the US to have used Minitel, she has used many systems well before their popularity as the first test group and quality assurance subject.

Alex has worked extensively in the marketing fields having managed many large and complicated accounts for a variety of campaigns crossing all sorts of crazy implementations. She has considerable experience converting client needs into actual technical requirements and seeing them fully delivered.

Alex enjoys yoga, biking, snowboarding, and above all traveling. She has nearly completed her goal of visiting every continent and swimming in every major body of water.



Lionel is the President of MrFixed. Having a Degree in computer science and having worked as an DBA, programmer, IT engineer and network admin since he was a teen, he has extensive experience in a broad array of technical disciplines.

Over a decade ago, Lionel started MrFixed in order to consolidate various clients into a single simple service company. Believing deeply in the value of high quality, in person, and accessible IT support, he has focussed on bringing a team of accomplished nerds who can speak human together to help people.

When not studying new fangled cutting edge technologies and when not implementing bleeding edge systems on his unwitting friends and family, Lionel is an avid snowboarder and sailor. You can often find him on the slopes, the water, or online looking to jump something.



Sprocket is the VP of Operations and mascot at MrFixed. He spends his days at MrFixed providing ground-up tech support for clients of all sizes.

After years of study in Database Systems and Software Engineering during college and grad school, Sprocket decided to travel the world with his bluegrass band. Unfortunately, his band, the Spiral Bevels, never made it big anywhere outside of Madagascar, so he decided to put his computer education to good use in the Big Apple.

When he is not in the office assisting clients, Sprocket enjoys interlocking with other gears and transmitting torque. He also enjoys white water rafting.

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